Exhibition Resume /

The Burrows x VividSydney / Mirvac / May 2017
Bin Chicken You Out (with Dale Bigeni) / Commune / Sep 2017
Art for Guide Dogs / Guide Dogs NSWACT / Feb 2018
Piledriver (Debut Solo Show) / JESWRI / March 2018
Three Years Of Goodspace / Goodspace / March 2018
Fuck The Status Quo / Decks For Change / April 2018
The Flaming Burrid'oh / Beach Burrito / June 2018
DÉJÀ BREW / Vilify / October 2018
Momento Mori / Badlands Brand / October  2018
BANGARANG / JESWRI / December 2018


Bachelor of Communication Design from Billy Blue. Senior Designer with over 8 years experience. Work fluently across Adobe Suite. Can build your brand or campaign from start to finish including logo, graphic design, video editing, print and digital design.

Art Direction

Graduated AWARD School 2017. Can create and concept your advertising campaign as well as lead it start to finish.


I've been drawing all my life. I draw using a WACOM or I've been known to use the only the trackpad on the go. Can draw across many various different styles, however my style is unique as I need a lot of coffee to help me stay happy, therefore my hands are purposely shaky.

Large Scale Painting / Typography

With 13+ years painting experience (8+ Years Legal) I've developed a love for large scale murals. The bigger the better. I use a combination of brush and/or spray paint. My generic style is an influence of New York Public style from Subway Art/Style Wars. My dream job is typography, skeletons and bold colour. Like my illustrations, I have a large spectrums of styles and I love nothing more than zoning out with a large wall to cover.

Public Speaking/Design Talks

I'm a massive fan of TED talks, design speaking, lectures and motivational presentations where I basically talk out my ass for 15 minutes with some super sexy visuals behind me, complimenting my confidently crafted blabbering on about why I design the way I do, how I can get things done efficiently and how to make it on your own in this world as an animal loving, insanely handsome, Star Wars loving entrepreneur in an industry full of wolves. I wrote that little paragraph whilst drinking an insanely hot, long black coffee. Pretty good hey? If you want to hire me to do that infront of a crowd, email me right now - jeswri@live.com