Australian artist JESWRI ジェスライ has been making waves over the past few years with his dark, contemporary approach to pop-culture. With two successful solo shows in Sydney, this lost boy is out to prove he’s the new ‘Pan’ by working with the likes of Young Henrys, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Mattel and Audio Technica to name a few.

The first BANGARANG (Goodspace Gallery, Sydney) held on December 12, 2018, provided us with illusion-inspired illustrations, twisted and tainted in an irreversible order. Going hard on the paint with a dozen heavy blackwork tattoo-styled flash sheets, JESWRI proved he’s no average nerf-herder.

Referencing and blending everything 90’s, from Seinfeld with Ninja Turtles, from Mortal Kombat to Wayne's World and from Star Wars to Jungle Book, this next instalment ensures JESWRI has left no nostalgic stone unturned. Bringing Thriller and Thrillhouse together at last, introducing Alfalfa to The Avengers and many more flash-inspired works that are going to ruin your childhood with never-before-seen artwork in what he’s calling the ‘Director's Cut’.

BANGARANG was used throughout the 90’s hit movie 'Hook' by Rufio & the Lost Boys. Little known fact, it’s actually a Jamaican word, loosely translating to ‘disturbance’ which meets JESWRI’s messed-up mind perfectly. BANGARANG is more than a gallery, you can expect to be greeted with the coldest Young Henrys beverages that Melbourne has to offer, after doing a loop and finding your favourite flash sheet from the 19 unique, hand printed artworks you can wander over to the entertainment station where they’ve set up a Nintendo 64 ready for new challengers and to test friendships at the worlds most competitive contest, Mario Kart 64. If your sanity is still in check after those 3 things, BSIDE Gallery & JESWRI ジェスライ have set up a projector with a vintage tv show reel to give you a nostalgic nosebleed in a new level whilst you enjoy the art exhibition.

ONE NIGHT ONLY - this Friday 22nd March 2019
At BSIDE Gallery Level1, 121 Brunswick St, Fitzroy from 6-9pm
Proudly Supported by Young Henrys

Words by Chet Lemon

Artist Jesse Wright has had a hell of a year. After the success of his debut solo show, Piledriver, Wright has continued to take advantage of his rolling momentum by dabbling with curating, indie wrestling merchandise, illustration and painting even larger and more audacious murals.
— Andrew Yee (Life Without Andy)

Work In Progress

Event Photography by Yeah Rad Creative

[DC] Photography by (Shot on film)


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