Is a global grassroots community of youth moving culture forward. It is our hands-on partnership with youth. We give them incredible experiences and opportunities and act as platform to amplify their vision and tell their stories of progress. Organically, we become the most important brand in their life. We help transform their network, enable global connectivity, and change what’s possible. It’s their vision, their outlet, on our Canvas.

Across the globe, select youth (age range 18-23) have been chosen due to their style, attitude and ambition; they’re the leaders of the pack, influencers of their spheres but not of internet fame.

These individuals see the world differently. They want to create their own path and succeed. Alongside an entrepreneurial spirit, passion and drive, they are also supportive and influenced by like-minded people forging their own way over celebrity endorsements.


The purpose of the Converse_X_ community is to give the members incredible experiences and opportunities and to act as a platform to amplify their vision and tell their stories. With many of the members having a passion for art and design, we wanted to give them the unique experience of working with an experienced artist, to expand their creative skill set and to be a part of designing something tangible that will live at the Converse Melbourne Emporium store.

The mural represents Converse_X_ and what it means to the Converse X community as well as tying into the recently released Converse Renew collection as the mural will include discarded Converse shoes transformed into art.

Our artist to assist in this project is JESWRI, whose role was to impart his creative knowledge and wisdom and collaborate with the Converse X community over the two-day activation to bring to life the Converse_X_ inspired mural at the Emporium store.


The first day of the activation was spent at Jesses studio whereby he and the Converse_X_ team had the chance to get to know each other and begin to spark ideas for the mural design. Through creative activities lead by Jesse throughout the day, the Converse_X_ team were able to expand their creative abilities and put together ideas of what the finished mural will look like.

The following day was spent executing the mural at the Converse Emporium store collectively with the Converse_X_ crew. This was a great opportunity for the Converse_X_ team to put their new skills into practice and to create something long lasting to live on at a Converse store. JESWRI lead the charge on the day, artistically directing how the mural was crafted, guiding and helping the Converse_X_ team along the way until the mural was completed.


Photography by Yeah Rad


Photography by Yeah Rad